Aurora Lights Projector

Bring the northern sky indoors and explore the auroras from the comfort of your home.

So much more than just a projector - it's a window to your personal magical world.

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Immerse Yourself In A World Of Light

Fall sleep under a blanket of smoothing colors and stars with our state-of-art RGB projection and laser technology.

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Bring The Aurora Borealis Anywhere Your Want

Transform your entire room and lose yourself in an aurora wonderland with our Aurora Projector.

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  • Premium Bluetooth Speaker

    Built-in with a high-quality Bluetooth Hi-Fi stereo music speaker.

  • Advanced Light Therapy

    Up to 13 different colors modes to create a magic galaxy dream aurora space.

  • Music Sense Technology

    The light can be synced with opened music to create an immerse sound & visual atmosphere.

  • Aurora Borealis Lightings

    Project patterns of aurora lightings, stars and moon to create a magic aurora space.

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Transform Your Room Into A Magical Space

Taking you to another world, miles away from where you were without moving an inch. Shifting your perspective—with the flip of a switch, a press of a button, in the blink of an eye. Creating feelings of wonder and moments of wow. Turning every space into a place of comfort, creativity, and celebration.

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