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How To Create Your Own Northern Lights At Home

With this Luces Aurora Light Projector, you may create your own northern lights at home.

If you like auroras but haven't made it to the arctic to witness them, don't worry. This Luces Aurora projector will allow you to conjure them in your home space on command.

The Luces Northern Lights Star Projector is currently on sale for $59.95, which is roughly 40% off, allowing you to experience the sky show for much less than normal. You'll save $40 off the regular price of $99.95.

The projector is designed for both youngsters and adults, and it intends to (literally) splay the beauties of the aurora borealis across your ceiling. If you wish to induce relaxation or sleep, you can use a Bluetooth speaker to broadcast white noise.

There are 14 different variations of the pattern, as well as a dynamic "star blinking" mode, allowing you to choose the light sequence that best suits your mood.


If you want a more active experience, you can have the lights sync with the music in a disco-style. You can tell the device to turn everything off with a timer, regardless of the lighting setting you chose, to save a little energy.

To ensure the greatest possible experience, the manufacturer has issued a few warnings. Don't leave the light on for more than four hours, because the LED lights or bulbs will burn out. Also, keep in mind that the projected size is supposed to cover caps up to 25 by 25 feet (7 by 7 meters), so keep that in mind if you're working with especially huge spaces.

A remote control, USB cord, and user's manual are all included in the package.

Have fun watching the aurora!

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