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Luces® Aurora Earth Moon Projector

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This moon projection lamp can give you a romantic sense.Get feeling more on your space and make it instantly romantic and interesting. build a relaxing and romantic environment.

Product Features

1 x Luces® Aurora Moon Projector

1 x Moon Film

1 x Earth Film

1 x USB Charging Cable(20cm)

1 x User Manual

How to use

The 2 In 1 Earth-Moon Projector projects beautiful realistic moon and earth figures, making your room a peaceful natural environment at night and helping you to relax in romantic moments.

You can adjust betweet moon & earth projection by switching included films.

With a 360° adjustable tube design, you can show the projection anywhere in your room.



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How Far Your Imagination Go?

With just a touch of a button, we give you power to transform your room into a dream planetarium space and create endless home space as your imagination.

Immersive Mental-reset Vibes

You'll be immersed in an mesmerizing atmosphere of the Moon, Earth and night sky lights.

Designed with next-gen technology, our projector features realistic Moon & Earth projections using NASA's high-quality images.

  • Advanced Light Therapy

    Creates a wonderful and dreamy environment for your relaxations.

  • Calming The Six Senses

    Creates a peaceful and relaxed sleeping atmosphere for your children and family.

  • 360° Projection Coverage

    You can rotated 360° or adjust the size and shape of the projection.

  • Multifunctional Night Light

    Perfect for any home decorations, holiday events or gift ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many types of projection can be displayed?

There are two projection effects of the earth and the moon be default. However, you can change to many other effects by switching different films (at maximum of 7).

Are projection films included in the package?

Yes there are 2 projection films included in the package by default.

Which power adapter can be used for this projector?

Use a 5V / 2A power adapter. If the current is too low, the lamp body will not function normally. If the current exceeds this range, please use a regulator, otherwise it will affect the service life.

Can I adjust the size of the projection image?

You can totally change the size & shape of the projection by adjusting the angle of the projector toward your ceiling or walls.

Can I look directly at the projector when it's turned on?

The bright LED light may be harmful to the eyes, please avoid looking directly at it.